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[Travel Advice] Bermuda (in Jan)

Random Observation/Comment #539: Traveling during off season is risky, but certainly rewarding when you want some quiet and great deals. January temperatures more »

[Travel Advice] Beijing

Random Observation/Comment #412: Smog is smoggy. Looking at the Earth as an organism, humans are definitely the worst disease the Earth has more »

The Bad Idea Bears

Random Observation/Comment #326: It’s a wonderful and terrifying thing to surrender control of the quite normal tendencies to, ya’know, know where you’ll more »

Day 5: Postcard Project

Random Observation/Comment #292: I love receiving things in the mail. Tearing open cardboard boxes is much more rewarding than opening an email more »

Ireland: It’s so Green

Random Observation/Comment #277: I’ve been taking a lot of these long-weekend trips of 3 nights. I think they are the perfect number more »

The Food Bucket List

Random Observation/Comment #276: I can’t imagine having a dietary restriction. I probably shouldn’t take this freedom as an obligation to eat everything more »

Muchisimas gracias por todo

Random Observation/Comment #207: Christian is a gentleman and a scholar – or in more colloquial terms – he’s freakin’ awesome.  Not only more »

Berlin University Buffet

Random Observation/Comment #190: I can’t believe I’m writing this entry two months later.  It was fresh in my mind, and now it’s more »

A Photographer’s Paradise

Random Observation/Comment #176: Fuji-san was such a remarkable experience that I compare every hiking scene to the rollercoaster of hardships and appreciation more »

Peddling Through Towns

Random Observation/Comment #175: Bike riding used to be much less painful for my ass when I was younger.  I’m not sure if more »

When in Rome…

Random Observation/Comment #172: No matter how much I love trying to find those hidden treasures in an unfamiliar city, I can’t help more »

White-out in Interlaken

Random Observation/Comment #170: The snow accumulation in Interlaken is quite scary. The snowflakes are the size of quarters (or 1 EUR for more »

The Chain of Hostel Friends

Random Observation/Comment #167: I’m always surprised at how easily you can meet other people in a traveling environment.  This is a part more »

Interlaken Overview

Random Observation/Comment #166: Just thinking about Interlaken makes my mouth dry and my heart flutter like a school-girl with a crush on more »

The Rules of the Night

Random Observation/Comment #165: Drinking in public is illegal in New York.  It’s so illegal that if you’re standing in the street with more »

London Museum Overviews

Random Observation/Comment #161: I’ve always enjoyed walking unfamiliar museums alone.  My first sweep through the exhibits would become very boring for someone more »

Old City of London tour

Random Observation/Comment #155: London is rich with stories that simply can’t be captured within those camera angles.  The history is presented in more »