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[Travel Advice] Sonoma

Random Observation/Comment #616: Don’t forget to schedule date nights. Don’t forget to schedule travel without the baby. It wasn’t a lot of more »

Business Travel Advice

Random Observation/Comment #564: “There’s no place like” I love to travel, so when I was offered a chance to run some more »

[Travel Advice] Switzerland

Random Observation/Comment #558: Rural areas of Switzerland are basically the un-ironic representations you might see in Disney World. There are mountains everywhere more »

[Travel Advice] Ubud, Bali

Random Observation/Comment #526: Napoli and now Ubud – I think I’m unintentionally following the path from Eat, Pray, Love. Bali is a more »

[Travel Advice] Phuket

Random Observation/Comment #516: A productive vacation is one where you’re not thinking about being productive. I actually need to teach myself to more »

[Travel Advice] Hong Kong

Random Observation/Comment #515: If you read TripAdvisor, almost every recommendation for visiting Hong Kong is eating food (it’s not, but it should more »

[Travel Advice] Japan

Random Observation/Comment #513: Japan’s blend of the traditional and downright weird is comforting. Whatever the roots may be, they are firmly grounded. more »

[Travel Advice] Beijing

Random Observation/Comment #412: Smog is smoggy. Looking at the Earth as an organism, humans are definitely the worst disease the Earth has more »

[Travel advice] Montreal

Random Observation/Comment #348: There’s something about listening to Rhapsody in Blue live that just makes the whole vacation better. Things Montreal Does more »

[Travel Guide] Scotland

Random Observation/Comment #327: I don’t think I spent a day sober in Scotland. I can’t be an alcoholic if I’m on vacation, more »

The Bad Idea Bears

Random Observation/Comment #326: It’s a wonderful and terrifying thing to surrender control of the quite normal tendencies to, ya’know, know where you’ll more »

Day 29: Travel Adventures

Random Observation/Comment #316: I caught the travel bug in 2008 and I still got it. It’s like the photography, writing, table tennis, more »

The Travel Bucket List

Random Observation/Comment #281: I love traveling and I’ve gotten really good at it. There’s a method to my madness: 1) research, 2) more »