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[Travel Advice] Ubud, Bali

Random Observation/Comment #526: Napoli and now Ubud – I think I’m unintentionally following the path from Eat, Pray, Love. Bali is a more »

[List of 30] Internship Tasks

Random Observation/Comment #519: Internships are just 10-week 2-way interviews. If you’re smart, we’ll want to hire you and then we’ll try to more »

[Travel Advice] Boston

Random Observation/Comment #434: It’s important to differentiate a sports rival hatred with travel advice. It’d be unfair to judge Boston based on more »

[Travel advice] Montreal

Random Observation/Comment #348: There’s something about listening to Rhapsody in Blue live that just makes the whole vacation better. Things Montreal Does more »

Icelandic Journey with Friends

Random Observation/Comment #274: I love adding things to my bucket list unintentionally and then checking them off immediately. Dog sled across a more »