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Reflecting on 2018

Random Observation/Comment #610: There’s always more things to do. In 2018, I embraced fatherhood: Traveled to: Boston, Toronto, Dallas, Baltimore, New Jersey more »

Reflecting on 2017

Random Observation/Comment #595: Be Kind. The world can use more kindness. I’m slowly getting closer to the meaning of life. In 2017, more »

Reflecting on 2016

Random Observation/Comment #568: Have compassion and perspective. If you’re kind and have a view that keeps humor in mind, I think things more »

Farewell Kaipaw

Random Observation/Comment #270: When you’re in your 20’s you go to clubs and parties. When you’re in your 30’s you go to more »

Reflecting on 2010

Random Observation/Comment #252: Writing these year-end reviews always put me in such a good mood.  It enumerates and puts meaning to my more »

Searching for a Vacation

Random Observation/Comment #209: The world is filled with crazy people trying to do crazy things only to pass the time.  It hurts more »

How was your trip?

Random Observation/Comment #208: As the trip winds down, I feel this nervousness that I can only describe as the feeling I get more »