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30 r3 corda wordplay

Random Observation/Comment #591: Sometimes you need a break to get unstuck. Why this List? I personally love our logo designs. Kudos to more »

Against the clock

Random Observation/Comment #245: I haven’t written here this month yet. This is horrible. I guess I had way too much fun on more »

Why Am I Still There?

Random Observation/Comment #212: Life isn’t as complicated as everyone makes it out to be, but I see now, more than ever, that more »

Productivity Bar

Random Observation/Comment #204: This soul searching business is wearing me out.  I’ve written and thought so much about each subject methodically, yet more »

A Change of Style?

Random Observation/Comment #178: A lot of people ask me, “Where do you find time for these personal projects?”  I guess, I type more »