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[Q&A] JP the Photographer

Random Observation/Comment #360: On the surface, the most simple things look mundane and uninteresting, but diving deeper, even the most simple things more »

Day 23: Event Photography

Random Observation/Comment #310: The camera is the best way to start a conversation with a stranger.  When I was traveling the world, more »

Day 14: Best of 2012

Random Observation/Comment #301: Since I graduated from Cooper, I’ve taken loads more photos. It might be the travel locations or the advancement more »

Day 6: Alex’s Photo book

Random Observation/Comment #293: Everybody says their child is the most beautiful child. I guess everyone is right.  They all have parents-goggles on more »

A Photographer’s Paradise

Random Observation/Comment #176: Fuji-san was such a remarkable experience that I compare every hiking scene to the rollercoaster of hardships and appreciation more »

And the pictures begin…

Random Observation/Comment #148: If there is one advice for the obsessive photographer, it would be to bring an external hard drive for more »