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[Career Advice] Figure Out Why

Random Observation/Comment #494: Inspired leaders think, act, and communicate from “why”. What is your purpose, cause, and belief? Why do you wake up? Why more »

[Travel Guide] South Africa

Random Observation/Comment #324: South Africa really needs a radio station devoted to Lion King songs. It would get all the tourist listeners. more »

Finding Your Perfect Career

Random Observation/Comment #278: Greed is such a terrible thing – especially greed for money. It causes so much pain and suffering around more »

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Random Observation/Comment #267: Russian is very difficult to learn. I think I’m just going to nod, smile, and drink vodka when I more »

Core Skillset

Random Observation/Comment #257: “Life does flash before your eyes when you die. It’s called living.” Health and happiness. Let’s be honest – more »

Dear Dad: How to Retire

Random Observation/Comment #254:   “Oh, how time seems to sneak by… Babies you once held in your arms can now teach you how more »

Early Career Advice Part 2

Random Observation/Comment #249: I’m surprised at how much career advice is out there for people, but how few people actually take it more »

Early Career Advice

Random Observation/Comment #247:  When a hobby becomes stale, the best way to handle it is to find take small steps to reinvigorate more »

The Social Butterfly Follow-up

Random Observation/Comment #241: Panel speakers at leadership forums have the most badass introductions.  These leaders have led a fruitful life with a more »

The Social Butterfly

Random Observation/Comment #240: Every event is a networking event.  I’m not the typical engineer with pocket protectors, protractors, and graphing calculators available more »

The Daily Grind

Random Observation/Comment #236: I can write a whole article about how facebook status updates are a competition of being witty or clever more »

Optimization time again

Random Observation/Comment #233: As a part of Project-Wean-Back-Into-Working, I needed a small side project to help me multitask with my larger project.  more »