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Day 4: It’s so nerdy in here, I could taste it. Oiishi 😛

seelemonsonline : June 16, 2008 10:24 am : Geeky, Japan '08, Studies, Travel

This is my project...

Random Observation/Comment #8: Jay-walking is highly frowned upon.Eff that. I’m a New Yorker – jay-walking is second nature.I’m the Juggernaut, bitch.

I didn’t have the case of the Mondays.There were plenty of essentials that needed to be taken care of.For one, my apartment room did not have any pots, bowls, chopsticks, cups, soap, or garbage bags.These items were luckily available at the wink of my eye and purse of my lips.Contrary to popular assumption (mostly from my close friends and classmates), I did not seduce the receptionist to get the best supplies available.All the supplies were the same – I checked.She spoke English decently, but I couldn’t tell her age.

This seems to be one of my largest dilemmas in this community.I can’t assume they’re all older than 18 because they honestly don’t look, sound, or dress that way.And many of my friends might say “…and? When that has that ever stopped you?”To that I reply, “f*ck you and your presumptions about my questionable morals.”That’s wrong.They’re under-developed as it is, so you might not be able to tell the difference.Ooo… Burn! But the pursuit is still a negative. I am haunted by the terrible advice of friends who want to laugh at the expense of my willingness to experiment.

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There are times where you just have to do something crazy

seelemonsonline : June 14, 2008 9:10 pm : Geeky, Japan '08, Travel

it's cozy

Random Comment/Observation #6: Capsule hotels can store up to 300 people on a floor.  This is going to be interesting…

I spent the day with the Erics.  I’ll write more about it when I get to a suitable home.  This is being written from a capsule hotel free internet PC.  My room is C211 and it will be occupied by myself (hopefully only myself) for the rest of the night.  I am across from Big Step in Osaka, 3 blocks North of Dotonbori.  Please come save me if I do not post on Monday or Tuesday.

I am taking this risk on a whim, and my body is rushing with adrenaline.  Will I meet random people I do not want to meet? Will I overcome the claustrophobia of sleeping in a morgue? Can I really last all night without getting all of my stuff stolen?  There are a slew of different types of foreigners and Japanese people here.  My first impression is much better than most, including myself, would expect.  I will post pictures if I survive this ordeal.  I’m going to go try the sauna and lock my things up for the night.  Either way, I will have a great story at the end of all of this.

~See Lemons Live in a Capsule Hotel o.O

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Day 3: Arcade games are like crack

seelemonsonline : June 13, 2008 10:38 am : Geeky, Japan '08, Travel

Card Arcade game... card-cade game?

Random Observation/Comment #4: People don’t stare, but they do constantly glance like middle school girls… maybe they were middle school girls.

It was my first Sunday morning in Japan (if I don’t count that time I came here 6 years ago).I had agreed to meet the Erics somewhere for our next excursion, but they didn’t tell me the location because “they hadn’t planned it yet.”And it so happens that “their cell phone ran out of battery so they couldn’t reach me because I didn’t have a cell phone.”Excuses… excuses… Great, just lead me to a city an hour away from Osaka called Sannomiya, and have me wander around aimlessly for 8 hours.I have never felt so lonely and abandoned in an unknown city surrounded by all those “Asians.”::sob:: “What’s wrong with their eyes?” ^^ I am excessively using quotations – noted.

It wasn’t actually that bad. I had another two hour commute there, but there are some kind hearted people who are willing to help a frantic tourist in the fetal position of a train seat.Maybe that’s a bit exaggerated.I was actually just doing my Sudoku puzzles and hoping I hear the right station somewhere along the way.In fact, I didn’t look lost at all, except for the whole scene I made in the beginning when I tried to exit the car because I thought I had taken the wrong train.Fortunately for me, this little act of desperation and complete humility made some English speaking Japanese people feel sorry for me.A middle-aged woman started the conversation by asking me where I was going and if I needed help.I tried to communicate in Japanese even though she was very fluent in English.I think she wanted to practice, but so did I.We made some small talk about where I’ve visited and different places to visit around the country.Her kindness gave me faith in humanity, and left me with a smirk throughout the day.

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