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Google glasses Ideas

seelemonsonline : June 17, 2013 8:33 pm : Geeky, Tech

Random Observation/Comment #343: If Google glass gets popular, will designers start to make Google glass frames?  Will the price of lasek decrease? Will Google glass come with a deal to get lasek? Sounds like some crazy synergy is possible there.

see lemons google glass

I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a geek. I’m a big fan of tech in general and I’m always staying up-to-date with products and conceptual ideas to predict the game changers of our future.  In my opinion, Google glass will be one of those game changers. It’ll start off slow and with the early geeky adopters, but like the apple fanboys, we’ll have the google fanboys rushing to get the device.  Most will likely wait for V2 of Google glass before investing money on a nice-to-have/badass device (similar to how long it took for tablets to get introduced into the mainstream).  I also assume that Heads Up Display (HUDs) technology will come into the market in other companies, but Google (similar to Apple’s initial appstore early domination) will have the upper hand on the features.

So what does Google glass technology offer? more »

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Trifecta of Procrastination

seelemonsonline : September 3, 2012 5:42 pm : Geeky

Random Observation/Comment #284: Life is too short to spend collecting materialistic things. I’d rather spend the time collecting memories and building relationships.

Love GW2

I was in middle school when we got our new computer with a 14.4k dial-up DSL modem. My brother was the typical Starcraft nerd, while I excelled in FPSs. The keyboard-mouse combination provided me with precision aim and quick bunny-hopping reflexes that just lacked in playstation controllers. It was instant gratification to run through public servers and have consistent 6:1 kill to death ratios on CS beta 7.1. My gaming name was ‘skitz’ because there would be those days the lag spikes caused 1:6 ratios during clan matches. Those were the days… Internet cafes were the only place with T1 lines and I could spend days in Flushing just geeking out. more »

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Using Smartphones to be Productive

seelemonsonline : June 22, 2012 12:12 am : Geeky, Tech

Random Observation/Comment #282: Ever since I finished Jason Womack’s book, I’ve readjusted my life to focus on working smarter and being more productive.  Unfortunately, this blog, although important, did not make it to the top of my Most Important Things (MIT) list.  The book I’m writing on the side, however, is almost done.  Also, the Stanley cup and Diablo 3 happened. The post about Jason’s book is in the makings.


My parents always ask me, “What are you doing on your phone?” They see the glow of the screen across my face as we’re in the car, at the beginning and end of a meals, while I’m walking in the street, and even when I’m in Hong Kong without any internet access.  What am I doing?

Well, hopefully, it’s not just the normal facebook status updates, emails, and angry birds taking over my life and interrupting precious moments I should be cherishing with family and my natural surroundings. I know that people spend too much time with their heads in technology, which is why I decided to review my smartphone usage. After writing the post, I found something very interesting.

Anyway, here’s a list of indicators mapped to my probable smartphone activity so you know whether or not I’d like to be interrupted. (It’s a bit newb for the parents). more »

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What Tech Leaks Do to Consumers (like me)

seelemonsonline : February 23, 2011 12:14 am : Geeky, Tech

You're almost at the end of the hall...

Random Observation/Comment #256: Technology will always be my passion. Always.

I want a tablet. I’ve wanted one for a very long time and I have kept very closely on techmeme, techcrunch, engadget, gizmodo, mashable, and androidandme to get that holy grail advice of when to buy something that won’t be obsolete in 2 months.  And that was actually the problem.  The general consensus almost urged me to “Wait until X comes out.”  Or better yet, “X looks like it’s coming out in 2 months and it will change everything.”

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Android OS Next Names

seelemonsonline : February 5, 2011 11:28 am : Geeky, Tech


Random Observation/Comment #255: I am such a geek. Not a nerd or a dork… As I discussed in an earlier post, there are differences.

Developers have an odd sense of humor. We add a little bit of personal color into our projects where we can. For example, I used to name my login machines after final fantasy 6 characters.  Those little cookies really keep us happy and make us smirk in the background.

Android’s OS naming convention seems to follow the dessert snack naming.  Usually, for versions, you work up the alphabet.  They started with “C” for cupcake as “A” and “B” are usually alpha and beta, but I have a feeling they saw Apple and Blackberry as a bit of a motivation.  Here is the list of the Android releases so far…

  • V1.5: Cupcake
  • V1.6: Donut
  • V2.0: Éclair
  • V2.2: Frozen Yogurt (Froyo)
  • V3.0: Gingerbread
  • V3.5: Honeycomb
  • V4.0: Ice Cream (rumored)

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Optimization time again

seelemonsonline : January 24, 2010 8:29 pm : Geeky


Random Observation/Comment #233: As a part of Project-Wean-Back-Into-Working, I needed a small side project to help me multitask with my larger project.  This happened to be writing a blog entry.  Unfortunately, this entry got out of control and became the focus of my attention, since it was fresh with my erect passion and fire.  It took a full day, but I fully suggest this “house-cleaning” to others because it will make the rest of your life online more efficient and convenient.

Twitter lists vs Google Reader vs Email subscriptions

more »

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Information comes to me: Twitter and Me

seelemonsonline : January 17, 2010 9:00 pm : Geeky, Tech

Big tweet

Random Observation/Comment #232: While I was executing Project Wean-Back-Into-Work, I found myself distracted by another project.  Wow, story of my life.  Someone asked me what the big deal was about Twitter, and so, I decided to ramble a bit.  I’ll give the shortened version and how I apply it to my personal web surfing experience.

In short, Twitter is appealing in a business perspective because it’s a tool for these businesses and people to post current news and other information to their followers in a microblogging condensed format.  You know that “recent news” menu that most companies have on their websites?  Twitter basically provides the platform to aggregate all those “recent news” posts for every person to see.  The power for the business lies in the ability to easily publish something in real time, directly to a viewed, popular source.  The power for the viewer lies in the ability to follow people and companies they’re interested in.  It’s an easy way to stay updated with their upcoming stories in a quick “headlines” format.

more »

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Cooper Grad Reviewing the New Academic Building

seelemonsonline : September 21, 2009 6:26 pm : Geeky, Random Hobbies

Cooper's foundation building from the new building
Cooper's foundation building from the new building

The NAB presents itself as a multitude of different concepts for students, faculty, alumni, and New Yorkers. To some, it is a beautiful architectural achievement which is comparable to the innovation of the Cooper Union Foundation building across the street. To others, the building brings some frustration with functionality and accommodating to new environments. However, with either perspective, the building will eventually become the homes of the students and an icon in Manhattan. It will grow and finally mix the art, architecture, and engineering schools – if not to study in the same space and interchange ideas, then to socialize and enjoy the city location and eccentric personalities.  We’ll all have criticisms, but it really is a change of scenery that didn’t epic fail as many early skeptics thought it would. Everyone from within started with a bad taste in their mouth for the lack of feedback and transparency in the process. For me, being proved wrong in my pessimism makes me slightly optimistic. The dust will settle and the schedules will be more organized with time.

As a recent Cooper graduate walking around the New Academic Building, I felt this strange feeling of being extremely old. more »

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Lappy Premature Eulogy

seelemonsonline : June 10, 2009 6:19 am : Geeky, Tech

Lappy a year ago in Japan.  Nice ventilation technology.
Lappy a year ago in Japan. Nice ventilation technology.

Random Observation/Comment #192: This blog is a mess.  It has just become a collection of thoughts from a crazy Chinese guy trying to find his way through a confusing world that’s filled with – simply put – different forms of pleasure and pain.  What’s been recently on my mind has been side projects and efficiently organizing my life to be a more productive and therefore happier person.  The setting of smaller, more frequent goals makes each day filled with specific experiences that will help me make decisions in the future.  The traveling and career-oriented writing is still the main focus in the back of my mind, but I’m trying to make that connection.  It’s hard to explain, but I know the strands are there somewhere – just waiting to be weaved together.  So, I digress.  I meant this introduction to notably mention the importance of my laptop in all of these activities within my travels (Us Chinese were never good at saying things without including the full background, even if it doesn’t ever seem relevant).

Like all eulogies, I will begin with her life story and how she’s influenced my life.  I’ve had my IBM Lenovo X61 netbook for about a year and I must say it has been one of my greatest investments.  It’s sleek and sexy, weighing 2.5 lbs, and it’s the perfect size for the traveling writer and programmer.  Coupled with a 300GB Western Digital Passport, I don’t really understand why I need my PC anymore.  It seems like my gaming life is almost over and the internet has enough web applications to remove all need for a (computationally) heavy laptop.  Fine, I don’t have a DVD drive, but I actually never used one anyway.  In this day and age, we can simply buy a relatively inexpensive, computationally light netbook and fulfill our wildest dreams.  A 40GB is enough when everything can be stored somewhere online or just attached with an external hard drive.

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A Spectator to Next-Gen Games – E3 Inspired

seelemonsonline : June 3, 2009 3:51 pm : Geeky

God of War III will be awesome
God of War III will be awesome

Random Observation/Comment #189:  Video games will always hold a deep flame in my heart.  Unfortunately, the majority of my time is spent on a much more challenging game involving a mesh of genres, including action/adventure/mystery/RPG.  The game is often frustrating and there are times where I wish there were save points, respawns, or undo keys, but I guess that’s part of the designer’s tweak.  The goal of the game is unclear, and it is everything but linear.  The choices you make in this game will build your character points and influence the players of those around you.  Your preference of good and evil are completely in your hands, and the degrees of freedom in this complex space are worth exploring.  I’ve personally chosen the Engineer character class, but I don’t think I’ll be waiting for any Spies or Scouts to steal our briefcase anytime soon.  Warning: this game gets especially time consuming when you become involved with players of the opposite sex.  There are those unforgettable moments with high replay value, but these won’t seem as sweet without the while(1)-smash-head-on-keyboard contrasts.  It’s complicated, but one thing is for sure – teamwork will save you from the zombie revolution.  Story of my life.

The E3 2009 press conferences (seen on demand at gamespot) really caught my attention yesterday (as in, the entire yesterday).  I spent 6 hours watching trailers for that wow-factor in graphics and next inspiring idea.  Everyone is contributing their new take on the next generation of gaming, and it would be silly if I didn’t have my own opinion.  The hardware projects released by Sony and Microsoft (Project Natal) were pretty cool, but I was really looking at the new game titles that will be released in the next quarter.  The sequels are drawing the most attention, but my interest is in those different perspectives.

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