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Like any other phase, it’s a learning experience. Let’s do it.

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Project Wean-Back-Into-Working: Part 1 – The Problem

seelemonsonline : January 8, 2010 1:43 am : Early Career, Just Life

an obvious problem

Random Observation/Comment #230: Since I’ve been “out of action” for so long, will there be a rough transition back to following rules and getting things done?  Compared to the amount of work I did at Cooper, I’m doing negative work.  No more juggling 8 projects, studying for exams, and looking for free time to sleep.  Now it’s more about writing, taking pictures, improving in hobbies, maintaining health, and lucid dreaming.  What a tough life, right?

The key to finding a workable solution is to analyze the roots and causes of the main problem.  When dealing with optimization, it’s mostly looking at the main factors that cause procrastination.  First, let’s see how I normally waste time online and what I can cut down on: more »

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Choosing A First Job Is like Choosing Universities

seelemonsonline : December 6, 2009 8:11 am : Early Career

Like choosing a first job?

Random Observation/Comment #222: I had sushi with Chris in Tokyo and it was the best sushi I’ve had since I had last left Japan.  It wasn’t even like it was a famous, top-notch sushi place or anything.  It was just highly-recommended by Chris near Ikebukuro Station.  Conclusion: Damn, I love Japan.  The rice is just perfect.  Maybe if NYC had a few rice patties in their concrete backyard, they’d make some headway on the quality scale. Plus, the girls like to wear hot pants.  Thank you so much for inventing hot pants.

Note: Sorry for the long entry, but it is a summary of the stuff I thought about in the past 6 months of choosing my first job.

Thinking about your first job is a huge step.  The first place you work will most probably be the field you pursue for the next 35 years.  Of course, there is the option of switching to other careers, but I wouldn’t join a career knowing that I would leave it for something else.  It’s nice to have the reassurance that if you mess up, you could find a different one, but in all reality, you’re trying for that one-shot kill – you basically want to wield a golden gun (Goldeneye N64 FTW!).

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In Search for a Career

seelemonsonline : November 18, 2009 10:49 pm : Early Career, Just Life


Random Observation/Comment #219: The waiting period after the interview for a response is the most nerve racking experience.  All I can do is think about how I answered each question and try my best to see how the interviewers could have interpreted my answers.  In many cases, I find my own faults and smack my head, but there is absolutely nothing I can do except wait for my results.  As the days pass, I know my chances for getting the position decline, yet there is a glimmer of hope that still flickers thinking that I could be an exception and I shouldn’t prematurely guess the result.  I guess the best thing to do is to go shopping and do some sight-seeing to ease my mind.  Thus, I bought a $500 camera and began being distracted ^^.

I wrote a lot about finding my own career in a personal journal instead of this public one because I feared that the companies reading my blog would find it unseemly.  However, now that I think about it, everything I mentioned during the interviews is actually the way I feel about my life moving forward.  I may have made my story convincing enough that I believe it myself o_O.

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Life is All About Side Projects

seelemonsonline : October 20, 2009 11:09 am : Early Career, Just Life

Life. You see it, right?
Life. You see it, right?

Random Observation/Comment #213:  The more time I spend in New York, surrounded by the wonderful, fast-paced life style, the more I also begin to miss being in Europe. There were so many quirks there that made me happy, but I should realize that I was on vacation; and a vacation lifestyle is definitely not the productive one.  I grew in a liberal arts fashion with new passions towards living life, but I lost a piece of my technical approach (which was getting borderline nerdy anyway).  It’s odd continually separating these two worlds, but I’m not really sure why I’m trying to make such distinctions.  I changed my fashion and my organization in the past few weeks, and a new project is on the brink of initiation.  I will run the alpha once I have time to myself where I’m not distracted by amazing shows like Dexter, Californiacation, and House, and also not studying for upcoming interviews.

I’ve found that the method of leading a good life can be broken down to a few major rules.  more »

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Engineering Pre-Crisis Rant

seelemonsonline : June 15, 2009 6:40 pm : Early Career, Studies

Chasing time
Chasing time

Random Observation/Comment #195: I feel like I’m always trying to stay ahead of my age. When I saw that Tony Stark video from Ironman, it made me wonder why I didn’t do all the awesome shyt that he did.  Realistically speaking, I’m not smart enough to graduate from MIT at the age of 18, and neither is 99.9999999% (I might need more 9’s) of the world, but I’d always like to think I could be that unique flower (that genius unique flower).  I don’t remember very well, but I’m pretty sure it was the elementary schools that fed me all this false hope that I would be some exception.  Whatever happened to just being normal?  I guess striving for normality seems strange, and seeing how stupid normal people are gives me some discouragement.  Anyway, it was in the second of year of college when I realized that this age barrier disappears and becomes replaced with experience and stories.  I’m not in competition with Tony Stark or even the guy sitting next to me.  We’re all just enjoying the little pleasures of life while contributing to our respective communities.  Happiness is actually quite simple.

Competition drives our economy and creates this motivation to win with better innovations and marketing plans.  I’ve always thought it was a good thing to join these contests because it promotes teamwork between students and gives each school a representation towards a common goal.  I found these projects (other than kicking ass and wrecking the competition in every event) was also about teamwork and strengthening the core of how we advance.  I always thought that “best team spirit” award was bullshyt for schools that didn’t win any other awards (and it probably was), but I think it’s actually quite important to fortify the idea that individuals, by themselves, do not change the world.  To make this place better for the generations to come, we must become a team and fall into our respective specialties.

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