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Japan ’08, Page 2

Bike riding in Ojika

Random Observation/Comment #73: Most people need a destination – a goal to motivate and make their efforts and rewards balance.  These people more »

A peaceful day in Nagasaki

Random Observation/Comment #71: Wandering a random city is sometimes more fun than actually knowing where you’re going.  You did good, camera (. more »

Optimizing time

I still can’t believe I’m leaving in 3 days after being here for close to 3 months.  There aren’t words to express more »

Akihabara Craziness

Random Observation/Comment #57: French maid dresses worn by Japanese girls have been added to my fantasies.It’s not perverted (or dodgy), honest: They’re more »

Impressions of the Tour

Random Observation/Comment #56: There seems to be much less time to write since being a tourist takes so much work and effort.It’s more »