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Japan ’08

Japan Closing Advice

Random Observation/Comment #103: It’s hard to say goodbye, but I guess I never left – I guess I never have to.  I’ve more »

Paragliding is aight

Random Observation/Comment #99: Who the hell doesn’t want to fly?  I’m a little afraid of heights, but I would still love to more »

Field Trip!!

Random Observation/Comment #98: I miss field trips.  They made me so happy because I could be legally absent for a day.  I more »

Brazilians know how to eat

Random Observation/Comment #93: Brazilians know how to eat their beef.  This hypothesis was confirmed when I met a Brazilian family Upstate that more »


Random Observation/Comment #92: I’ve realized that “new favorite places” is just a quick infatuation.  It’s like a really bad middle school crush more »

JICA… nice

Random Observation/Comment #90: I don’t usually act very stressed or concerned about anything, but that’s usually because everything goes according to a more »

A Hellish trot downhill

Random Observation/Comment #89: Conversations tend to die off when you barely have energy to stay awake, let alone climb down a mountain.   more »

Another World Above the Clouds

Random Observation/Comment #88: It’s easy to glimpse over sayings like “breath-taking” and “once in a lifetime” in a blog, and take them more »

The Moon Never sets

Random Observation/Comment #87: Thank you, Chris’ dad, for convincing Chris to bring a head lamp on these escapades.  Thank you, Chris, for more »

The day of The Climb

that’s the best picture I could get in a movie theater Random Observation/Comment #85: The movie theater in Shinjuku is gi-normous and more »

Mt. Fuji – you leave me confused

Random Observation/Comment #84: Don’t wear shorts when you’re climbing any mountain.  It’s freakin’, ridiculously cold up there at night.  The guide books more »

That was just a shitty day

Random Observation/Comment #82: This day was so shitty that I didn’t even take any pictures for the first half of it (that’s more »

A weekend with Nobby summarized

Random Observation/Comment #81: Nobby doesn’t drink, but she constantly tells stories like, “When my friends and I were drinking last weekend… blah more »

Food, Glorious (Japanese) Food

Gorgeous sashimi Random Observation/Comment #79:  I love being on vacation.  I literally have an erection just thinking about that sashimi (not literally). more »

Farewell my Friends

Random Observation/Comment #78: It’s always a little depressing to leave new friends when you know that we’ll probably never meet again.  Luckily more »