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White-out in Interlaken

Random Observation/Comment #170: The snow accumulation in Interlaken is quite scary. The snowflakes are the size of quarters (or 1 EUR for more »

The Balmer’s Experience

Random Observation/Comment #169: I was filling out the Balmer’s customer satisfaction survey and found many of their questions surprisingly annoying to answer.  more »

The Chain of Hostel Friends

Random Observation/Comment #167: I’m always surprised at how easily you can meet other people in a traveling environment.  This is a part more »

Interlaken Overview

Random Observation/Comment #166: Just thinking about Interlaken makes my mouth dry and my heart flutter like a school-girl with a crush on more »

The Rules of the Night

Random Observation/Comment #165: Drinking in public is illegal in New York.  It’s so illegal that if you’re standing in the street with more »

London Optimized Date Trips

Random Observation/Comment #162: Relationships start in the weirdest ways, such as sparking a conversation over common interests in Live Action Role Playing more »

London Museum Overviews

Random Observation/Comment #161: I’ve always enjoyed walking unfamiliar museums alone.  My first sweep through the exhibits would become very boring for someone more »

Aimless Walking

Random Observation/Comment #160: True aimless walking can be discovered deep within a park.  Parks are usually much more beautiful during the summer, more »

Borough market is delicious

Random Observation/Comment #159: Food truly bridges gaps between cultures.  I live to eat, not the other way around (well, I guess also more »

Abnormal weather

Random Observation/Comment #156: In planning for my trip to London, I had many day trips that were labeled as “just in case more »

Old City of London tour

Random Observation/Comment #155: London is rich with stories that simply can’t be captured within those camera angles.  The history is presented in more »

London Drinking Adventures

Random Observation/Comment #154: I am used to being the only Chinese person in the crowd of mixed culture backgrounds, but never have more »

Happy St Patty’s Day!

  Slainte! Prost! Skal! Cheers! Unfortunately, my small collection of clothes did not include the color green.  Never-the-less, I prepared myself for more »

Because it’s really far underground

tube.. wait.. underground.. hell, I don’t know anymore.. Random Observation/Comment #153: The comparison between public transportation systems in different countries really expresses more »

Free Tour? I’m down

Random Observation/Comment #152: I am usually a tour-guide’s (and worried parents’) worse nightmare when it comes to sight-seeing.  When I was younger, more »

A Ta-te of Modern Art

Random Observation/Comment #151: Modern art confuses me, but I still go to the exhibits and spend hours walking the intentionally-angled light sources more »

Interlaken is Awesome.

This is an intermediate post since there is no random observation/comment. I have been so busy having the time of my life more »

Positive Couchsurfing Feedback

Random Observation/Comment #150: Everyone I tell about this couchsurfing-business always says something along the lines of “that’s pretty damn sketchy.”  While I more »

Planning is overrated

Random Observation/Comment #149: I am a compulsive planner.  I like to know what I’m doing for the day and how I reach more »

And the pictures begin…

Random Observation/Comment #148: If there is one advice for the obsessive photographer, it would be to bring an external hard drive for more »