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Europe ’09

Do You Remember the Time?

Random Observation/Comment #211: Jake, James, and I would make the hottest person imaginable if only our powers were combined.  Separately, we do more »

How was your trip?

Random Observation/Comment #208: As the trip winds down, I feel this nervousness that I can only describe as the feeling I get more »

Muchisimas gracias por todo

Random Observation/Comment #207: Christian is a gentleman and a scholar – or in more colloquial terms – he’s freakin’ awesome.  Not only more »

A Study Abroad Winding Down

Random Observation/Comment #206: There’s always a level of sadness during transitions.  I’ve found that I’m always looking for excitement, yet I deep more »

Productivity Bar

Random Observation/Comment #204: This soul searching business is wearing me out.  I’ve written and thought so much about each subject methodically, yet more »

A Hungarian Tribute

Random Observation/Comment #199:  The past 4 months have passed by unbelievably quickly.  It felt like just yesterday we were all drinking our more »

A series of parties

Random Observation/Comment #198: This dorm life I live is continuously surprising and ever-so lively.  Somewhere, a party lurks every night and sometimes more »

Why Study Abroad?

Random Observation/Comment #196: This blog has been around for a little over a year and I am glad I have kept it more »

Backpack networking

Random Observation/Comment #193: I’ve continued to try and find some meaning behind my travels and I’ve realized that, particularly for Europe, the more »

Berlin University Buffet

Random Observation/Comment #190: I can’t believe I’m writing this entry two months later.  It was fresh in my mind, and now it’s more »

Germany Studying Conditions

(This is a new start.  I am trying to reduce my writing lengths, but increase the posting frequency.  It’s like microblogging, but more »

A Photographer’s Paradise

Random Observation/Comment #176: Fuji-san was such a remarkable experience that I compare every hiking scene to the rollercoaster of hardships and appreciation more »

Peddling Through Towns

Random Observation/Comment #175: Bike riding used to be much less painful for my ass when I was younger.  I’m not sure if more »

Useful Swiss Army Knife

Random Observation/Comment #174:  I never understood the nerdy Cooper kids that carry around Leathermans and Swiss Army knives everywhere they go (cough, more »

When in Rome…

Random Observation/Comment #172: No matter how much I love trying to find those hidden treasures in an unfamiliar city, I can’t help more »

Swiss Choco-gasm

Random Observation/Comment #171: Chocolate has always been a forbidden desire in my life.  It constantly tested my self-control, and I almost shunned more »