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Reflecting on 2017

Random Observation/Comment #595: Be Kind. The world can use more kindness. I’m slowly getting closer to the meaning of life. In 2017, more »

Favorite Blogposts of 2017

Random Observation/Comment #594: Adulting is so hard. Time is better than money. Life is overall pretty good. I had some very ambitious more »

Reflecting on 2014

Random Observation/Comment #490: I hope I’m aging like fine wine instead of milk. (I’ve probably taken this joke from that ventriloquist guy more »

Be Productive. Get Momentum.

Random Observation/Comment #426: Realizing the value of time, as much as time itself, is priceless. People are naturally very reactionary creatures with more »

[Gaming Lessons] Stanley Parable

Random Observation/Comment #421: One can learn from everything… Especially playing video games. (Quick warning: There are minor spoilers, but not anything you more »

Parahawking in Nepal

Random Observation/Comment #410: Go Parahawking. Seriously. Plan a whole trip around it. It was the best 25 minutes of my life and more »

Reflecting on 2013

Random Observation/Comment #398: I envisioned each year of my life getting better and better as I age and learn more things. Even more »

Day 30: Reflecting on 2012

Random Observation/Comment #317: Success, as a state of being, has been compared too much to our social norms. People think they’re successful more »

Reflecting on 2011

Random Observation/Comment #268: Life is not about finding meaning, it’s about making meaning.  Today should be an improvement from yesterday and this more »

Reflecting on 2010

Random Observation/Comment #252: Writing these year-end reviews always put me in such a good mood.  It enumerates and puts meaning to my more »

Reflecting on 2009

Random Observation/Comment #228: One of my main goals has been to make every year the best year of my life. I’m worried more »

Learning from the Bucket List

Random Observation/Comment #223: This vacation is completely different from the ones I’ve had before. Instead of looking for purpose, I feel I’ve more »

Setting Up New Goals

Random Observation/Comment #218: Rejection is a terrible thing, but it’s definitely part of life.  Any excuses I give for my role in more »

Reorganizing my life

Random Observation/Comment #217: Lately, I’ve been going through a weird phase.  It seems I did a full year (2008 Japan trip – more »

It’s Like a New Era

Random Observation/Comment #120: I didn’t really grasp the concept of waiting for a specific date to turn a new leaf and break more »