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A Groom’s Responsibility

Random Observation/Comment #531: Being a groom was pretty easy. I just needed to help pay for things and show up. Congratulations! You’ve more »

Writing a Book

Random Observation/Comment #502: It doesn’t feel like work if you love doing it. As some of you may know, I’m working on more »

Writing a TED Badge

Random Observation/Comment #501: Find a common ground where all of your interests become an intellectual discussion. To prepare for TEDActive this year, more »

Reflecting on 2014

Random Observation/Comment #490: I hope I’m aging like fine wine instead of milk. (I’ve probably taken this joke from that ventriloquist guy more »

[List of 30] Motivation Tips

Random Observation/Comment #487: Everyone needs a pick-me-up every now-and-again. Motivation comes from purpose and I believe purpose is something we fabricate from feeling more »

Off The Grid

Random Observation/Comment #445: Sometimes you must disrupt flow to restore order. Have you ever felt controlled by your technology? Music becomes a more »

Be Productive. Get Momentum.

Random Observation/Comment #426: Realizing the value of time, as much as time itself, is priceless. People are naturally very reactionary creatures with more »