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How to Eat Weird Foods

Random Observation/Comment #359: Being open to eating new foods is a pre-requisite to be a bad idea bear. I think I just more »

Why I Love Food and Cooking

Random Observation/Comment #356: “I don’t mind cooking, it’s just the cleaning afterwards.” ~Everyone who’s too lazy to cook. A clean kitchen is more »

My Favorite Beer

Random Observation/Comment #332: “…it borders ice cream and can be drank as a meal in most occasions…” ~This article a little bit more »

Eating Productively

Random Observation/Comment #325: Did I mention I love mashed potatoes? As a man that does not just eat to live, but lives more »

Ramen Snobbing

Random Observation/Comment #280: I miss Japan. Those were some good times… Some may call me a ramen snob, but that’s because when more »

The Food Bucket List

Random Observation/Comment #276: I can’t imagine having a dietary restriction. I probably shouldn’t take this freedom as an obligation to eat everything more »

Food-tography Obsession

Random Observation/Comment #259: I have been filling my void of writing here with status updates, tweets, buzzes, foodspotting food pic descriptions, yelp more »

Chef Clemens

Random Observation/Comment #186: I love cooking because I tend to taste a little bit more than I should while making the meal.  more »

Food, Glorious (Japanese) Food

Gorgeous sashimi Random Observation/Comment #79:  I love being on vacation.  I literally have an erection just thinking about that sashimi (not literally). more »