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30 Smart Cities Buzzwords

Random Observation/Comment #619: Every industry has its business buzzwords. Speak the language of your peers. Why this list? The past 3 days, more »

30 r3 corda wordplay

Random Observation/Comment #591: Sometimes you need a break to get unstuck. Why this List? I personally love our logo designs. Kudos to more »

Slack Police

Random Observation/Comment #571: Take time to learn your tools. A few shortcuts and quicker defaults can save a lot of time in more »

Personal Cybersecurity

Random Observation/Comment #570: Protect your digital identity. Seriously. People’s stupidity will always be the weakest link of any security policy, so make sure more »

Expected Pokemon Go articles

Random Observation/Comment #556: “Anyone with a phone out while walking is probably playing Pokemon Go.” -Everyone playing Pokemon Go Pokémon Go has more »

30 Blockchain Buzzwords

Random Observation/Comment #546: “That’s an easy solution. Just put it on the blockchain.” ~All the hype Why This List? 2 years of more »

30 Amazon Echo Easter Eggs

Random Observation/Comment #534: The future just sneaks up on you. One day you’re turning on lights with your hand, then clapping, and more »

[List of 30] TEDx Themes

Random Observation/Comment #511: I have TEDactive withdrawal. I need more extroverted introverts that love organizing events in my life. A theme brings more »

Advice for Start-Ups

Random Observation/Comment #438: Follow your heart. Even if you give it your all and you fail, at least you’ve experienced something. It’s more »

The Essential toilet seat

Random Observation/Comment #350: Once your throne is heated and it cleans your butthole with a super-soaker, you will never be the same, more »

Google glasses Ideas

Random Observation/Comment #343: If Google glass gets popular, will designers start to make Google glass frames?  Will the price of lasek decrease? more »

Android OS Next Names

Random Observation/Comment #255: I am such a geek. Not a nerd or a dork… As I discussed in an earlier post, there more »

Lappy Premature Eulogy

Random Observation/Comment #192: This blog is a mess.  It has just become a collection of thoughts from a crazy Chinese guy trying more »