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[Gaming Lessons] Stanley Parable

Random Observation/Comment #421: One can learn from everything… Especially playing video games. (Quick warning: There are minor spoilers, but not anything you more »

Halloween Costume Ideas

Random Observation/Comment #358: Zombiecon is ironically the one day I feel alive. For the past 6 years, I’ve gone to zombiecon ( more »

The Essential toilet seat

Random Observation/Comment #350: Once your throne is heated and it cleans your butthole with a super-soaker, you will never be the same, more »

Google glasses Ideas

Random Observation/Comment #343: If Google glass gets popular, will designers start to make Google glass frames?  Will the price of lasek decrease? more »

Trifecta of Procrastination

Random Observation/Comment #284: Life is too short to spend collecting materialistic things. I’d rather spend the time collecting memories and building relationships. more »

Android OS Next Names

Random Observation/Comment #255: I am such a geek. Not a nerd or a dork… As I discussed in an earlier post, there more »

Optimization time again

Random Observation/Comment #233: As a part of Project-Wean-Back-Into-Working, I needed a small side project to help me multitask with my larger project.  more »

Lappy Premature Eulogy

Random Observation/Comment #192: This blog is a mess.  It has just become a collection of thoughts from a crazy Chinese guy trying more »

Mind mapping >> Note taking ?

Random Observation/Comment #184: I have decided that I would rather be intelligent than beautiful.  I don’t think I am saying this because more »

Tweeting vs Facebook Statusing

  Random Observation/Comment #180: Facebook status updates might be more popular if they had a catchier name.  Tweeting, Twitting, Twatting, or whatever more »

A Change of Style?

Random Observation/Comment #178: A lot of people ask me, “Where do you find time for these personal projects?”  I guess, I type more »

Nerds, Geeks, and Engineers

Random Observation/Comment #131:  It’s difficult to label people’s personalities because everyone should uniquely try to build their own flair through any range more »

Akihabara Craziness

Random Observation/Comment #57: French maid dresses worn by Japanese girls have been added to my fantasies.It’s not perverted (or dodgy), honest: They’re more »