30 Day Challenges

Time is the most precious thing in this world.  Make every moment count and live your dreams.

~See Lemons Productive


Day 21: Brandy Library

seelemonsonline : December 11, 2012 11:31 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #308: I love scotch. Scotch scotch scotch. Yes, I do.

see lemons drink

When I was growing up, my father and brother taught me how to drink.  They taught me the sophistication of tastes and the appreciation of fine beers, wines, and whiskeys.  In college, I remember only loving Guinness, Bass, and Guinness+Bass.  It was expensive and I usually only had 2 drinks maximum due to the amount of time I spent enjoying the essence of deliciousness (and my lack of money to buy more than 2 per night).

It’s no surprise that this enjoyment of tastes and analysis of flavor dynamics has lead me to a variety of foods and beverages around the world.  I’ve had the pleasure of expanding my palate to hundreds of different tastes. Every flavor left a tingle on my tongue.

The Challenge:
Try a whiskey flight tasting at Brandy Library. more »

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Day 20: Living in the Moment

seelemonsonline : December 10, 2012 11:44 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #307: Having an open mind is the first step to change and transformation.  Sometimes you just have to realize that the opinions you made about certain things 10 years ago while you were a dumbass were not 100% true.  Let’s revisit that and do some additional testing.

Hi Ariel & Shya

The city is filled with opportunities, communities, and experiences just waiting to be explored. As I have found this 30 day challenge to expand into a number of new journeys into what this city has to offer, I am more than happy to adjust my plans to see new things.  Even though I project managed the crap out of these challenges on the first day, I think a part of a happy life is one that is open to change and surprises.  A life that is flexible and malleable in all situations will be one that approaches problems clearly and sees the world with continuous interest and optimism.

The Challenge:
Attend and review Ariel & Shya Kane’s Monday Night Alive event with an open mind. more »


Day 19: The Bald Look

seelemonsonline : December 9, 2012 3:09 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #306: There are so many great activities in the city. I want to do so much more… Living life in every word to the extent that it’s absurd.

The Challenge:
Raise money for St Baldricks Foundation and be a shavee. more »

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Day 18: The Mohawk

seelemonsonline : December 9, 2012 1:35 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #305: Now that I have a shaved head, I need to dress up as hitman to work at least once. Time to get some black leather gloves.

The best part about these challenges are the little things I decide to do on a whim.  It was Thursday at 4:30PM and my manager wanted to take a picture of me before I got my head shaved.  He then brought up my old idea of getting a mohawk and how cool it would be to do it.  5 minutes later, I was in my manager’s manager’s office asking him if I could get a mohawk and have it on Friday.  He didn’t say “No”, but rather “I’m going to be out of office, so make sure you take pictures.”
The Challenge:
Make a gif of getting a mohawk (similar to my gif of shaving my mustache). more »

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Day 17: Brooklyn Contra Dancing

seelemonsonline : December 7, 2012 11:53 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #304: I am not a good dancer. I have hands for feet and I’m all thumbs (I guess that would mean I dance like a monkey). At a club, I was the one open enough to go on the dance floor, but mostly just awkwardly swaying back and forth.  Clubs are so weird…

What is contra dancing? I had no idea until 3 hours ago when I started as a beginner and learned all the fun twirling moves and got to meet plenty of new friendly people of all ages.  Actually – I still don’t really know what it is, but it’s so freaking fun.  Swing your partner round and round.

The Challenge:
Take a dancing class (Brian suggested Brooklyn Contra and gave me an event date). more »


Day 16: Giving Back

seelemonsonline : December 6, 2012 11:36 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #303: Time is the most precious thing we have. I find it better to donate this than money. At least with time, I’ve created experiences that will last me a lifetime (or as long as I can remember them).

giving back

One of the advantages of working for a large corporation is the number of networks and organizations that host philanthropy events. If I wanted to, I could probably go to an event 4 days a week and meet new people / give back to a community.  In fact, when I was all gung-ho about being social and expanding my network, this took up most of my nights.  I used iClick event photography as my ticket to get invited to the events and then the camera as a conversation starter.  Regardless of the means, I was able to meet so many people that simply loved helping (and maybe free drinks).

The Challenge:
Volunteer my skills to a few philanthropy organizations at Credit Suisse. more »

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Day 15: Shaving my Head

seelemonsonline : December 5, 2012 11:48 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #302: We care too much about how we’re judged by others. I think we should all show our natural beauty mixed with our own personalities. That’s uniqueness. That’s attractiveness beyond the classical sense of what’s seen in movies and sculptures. That has character.

Angus the kung fu master

There will always be a cause above and beyond your own circle of friends, but it doesn’t enter your field of vision until it hits home.  In January of 2011, my brother, in an almost fuck-you outstretched palm, beat his life-altering fist fight with a testicular tumor.  He wrote an article about it on his wordpress: http://oodlesofnoodles83.wordpress.com/

The Challenge:
Raise money for a good cause (St Baldrick’s Foundation). more »

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Day 14: Best of 2012

seelemonsonline : December 4, 2012 10:25 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #301: Since I graduated from Cooper, I’ve taken loads more photos. It might be the travel locations or the advancement of camera phone technology and social networks sharing, but it is also more likely that it’s my natural convergence into becoming more Asian as I age.  Soon I will be able to grow a long and thin Pai Mei beard.

Ever since I’ve started traveling, I’ve been trying to reduce the number of photos I’ve taken into a manageable number of favorites.  Every year, I go through all of the pictures and decide which top 200 represent my year best.  These may not always be the best pictures by technique, but they will always remind me of good times.
The Challenge:
Review all photos taken in 2012 and pick out the top 200 to be named as “Best of 2012”. more »

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Day 13: My Ideal Day

seelemonsonline : December 3, 2012 10:59 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #300: There are some mornings that I just feel fantastic and I want to just hug the world with everyone in it.  I call this: any day I don’t go to bed drunk (Just kidding, that doesn’t happen frequently).  Just kidding kidding, I don’t get hangovers. My liver and I are still on speaking terms.

I spend a lot of my time maximizing efficiency, being productive, and reviewing my habits, so it’s no surprise that I follow Jason Womack almost religiously. He provides a level of inspiration and energy that can only come naturally from a genuinely friendly person. From his book, “Your Best Just Got Better”, I’ve learned a great deal about a solid approach to solving a lot of my problems. He points out life hacking points and time savers that an engineering mind would nod and grin about.

In the Prologue, Jason describes his ideal day. It’s used to give himself a guide on what things he can keep constant to make his day awesome.

The Challenge:
Write my own “Ideal day”. more »

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Day 12: Fashion forward

seelemonsonline : December 2, 2012 7:30 pm : 30 Day challenges

Random Observation/Comment #299: The Masters of the Universe apartment has a clash/complement of personalities and styles, but one thing is certain: We look damn good.

karate kick to show the steel taps

Chris has been talking about doing this blog post for a long time – like at least a million. He’s obviously into fashion and wants to share his personal insight.  I, being a photographer, am more than happy to help.

The Challenge:
Write a blog post about Chris Gallagher fashion styles and essentials. more »

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