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Time is the most precious thing in this world.  Make every moment count and live your dreams.

~See Lemons Productive


[30 Day Challenge] 30 Accomplishments

seelemonsonline : November 10, 2014 9:16 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #462: Be proud when you complete any project that takes more than 6 months of planning. That’s a substantial amount of time! It’s basically 2 semesters worth of normal college classes where you learn a quarter of all the education you’ll need to start working full time.


Why This List?

I think we often take for granted our completed work. You, as a person right now, is an accumulation of experience and accomplishments. Be proud of that and think of how you’ve made your mark in your own character and the lives of others.  This reflection is meant to be healthy and inspire you to believe in your continuous abilities to reach a higher plane.

  1. This blog. What a journey it has been and continues to be about my life.
  2. Graduated from Cooper with 165 credits in 4 years
  3. Completed a Master’s Thesis on EHD Thruster Simulations
  4. Hosted a TEDx at Credit Suisse
  5. Traveled to 35 countries and met friends in most of them
  6. Yelp Elite since 2011
  7. Paid for photography in portraits, lifestyle, and interior
  8. Studied abroad in Japan and Germany
  9. Learned German and Japanese
  10. Started a company and got paid for consulting start-ups
  11. Completed an epic 30 day challenge
  12. Co-started a mentorship program with credit suisse and Baruch high school
  13. Mentored JP Morgan and Cooper toastmasters during their inception and for 4 months after
  14. Successfully delivered 6 major projects within the trading space
  15. Ran the internship programs and hired those interns as my project leads when they became full time
  16. Completed my CC and at least 4 CLs and ALB in toastmasters
  17. Wrote and published 2 books
  18. Wrote a full web comic
  19. Won a table tennis match against Edmund
  20. Built countless RoR prototypes and web apps
  21. Made lasting close friendships that I consider family
  22. Assembled a lot of ikea furniture
  23. Cooked a 6 course meal by myself for friends and family
  24. Made mastermind in DLD (and spent hours making the wires look perfectly straight)
  25. Raised over $3000 for St Baldricks and Charity:Water
  26. Grew a mustache (it’s an accomplishment for me)
  27. Shot a 91 in marksmanship
  28. Moved in with my gf and still dating her
  29. Deemed tech support by all my friends and family
  30. Got my gf to do a writing challenge with me

~See Lemons Accomplish a Bit More

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[30 Day Challenge] 30 Side Projects That Never Got Published

seelemonsonline : November 9, 2014 9:09 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #461: Starting projects are easier than finishing them. I think we all just need to focus.

henhen yawn

Why This List?

If you know me, then you know I have a lot of overlapping side interests. When these interests expand to a cool DIY project or even an in-depth start-up, I wind up writing lists and gaining a huge amount of positive energy that powers though the initial phases.  Once the design and the brainstorming and sharing is done, we really just need to sit down and do it, right?  Well, sometimes I get caught up starting the next project that doesn’t get finished or talking about other things that are fun to do.  That’s why I have a list of 30 and this list wasn’t hard to make at all. I’ll probably eventually finish these.

  1. 2nd Epic 30 Day Challenge – set it up for last year, but wound up cooking instead
  2. Bad Idea Bears Travel Guide to Bad Ideas Travel
  3. Epic drug story from Fiasco at the Harlem apartment RPG night
  4. “You’re Pretty Fucking Awesome, Keep that Shit Up” hashtags / kickstarter
  5. Bedtime Moo story
  6. Love with an Expiration Date
  7. Dirty Plates
  8. 30 Day Challenges: Brief Battles Win the War
  9. Pragmatic Guide to Public Speaking
  10. TT Stats App
  11. 30 Day Sober Challenge – I am not very good at being sober
  12. 30 Day Vegetarian Challenge – Longest I did was 10 days
  13. Random Observation/Comment App
  14. Gifs memory mental map
  15. Digiweave Suggestions
  16. Cooking4Friends – somewhat replaced by kitchensurfing.com
  17. Recooperation – denied by alumni association
  18. Luxury delivery room service
  19. Motivate.me
  20. Stand up for passion @work
  21. FeatureVote
  22. #haikueveryday – 88 was pretty good
  23. Start-up owner manual
  24. Whiteboard ideas
  25. 30 Day Challenge organizer/community app
  26. Hyperlapse
  27. Lessons Learned from bitcoin trading
  28. GrafSpotting
  29. Pillow Blanket (I still really want this in my life)
  30. Yogoals (which is a WIP, but I haven’t written about yet)

~See Lemons Start Projects

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[30 Day Challenge] 30 Interesting People

seelemonsonline : November 8, 2014 9:08 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #460: Being badass seems pretty important in life. I think we should all strive to be badass – whatever that means to you.

to the hike

Why This List?

I know what you’re thinking – what makes a person interesting? Well, I think a lot of things are interesting, so an interesting person isn’t really hard to find. In fact, I’m sure if I got to know you, you’d be pretty interesting too. It’s not about fame – it’s about seeing the world a certain way and changing the status quo.  It could also be about being badass in your own way.

  1. Neil Degrasse Tyson
  2. Bill Nye (the science guy)
  3. Nikola Tesla
  4. Elon Musk
  5. Anthony Bourdain
  6. Tina Fey
  7. Stephen Colbert
  8. Destin from Smarter Every Day
  9. Bruce Lee
  10. Oprah
  11. Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)
  12. Isaac Newton
  13. Robin Williams
  14. Russell Brand
  15. Zach Galifianakis
  16. Neil Patrick Harris
  17. Felicia Day
  18. Joss Whedon
  19. Patrick Stewart
  20. Michelle Obama
  21. George Carlin
  22. William Shakespeare
  23. Buddha
  24. Nelson Mandela
  25. Jackie Chan
  26. Carl Sagan
  27. Salvador Dali
  28. John Lennon
  29. George Clooney
  30. B.A. – you may not know him (or you probably do), but he definitely deserves to be on this list

~See Lemons Love Interesting People

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[30 Day Challenges] 30 Things to be Thankful About

seelemonsonline : November 7, 2014 9:00 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #459: It’s no hover car, but the future does have a pretty accessible tree of knowledge.


Why This List?

Thanksgiving always reminds me about mashed potatoes. I also sometimes think about Native Americans getting small pox. And family. Family and food. It’s all important.

  1. Good Health. No major issues with vital organs and no major ails.
  2. Optimism. Mentally healthy and mostly positive about almost everything.
  3. Great family. Supportive and nurturing. Always there for a chat and willing to give advice.
  4. Awesome signifcant other. She’s not perfect, but we make one hell of a team.
  5. Great friends. Dependable, fun, and interesting. Maybe everything revolves around travel, photography, boozing, and eating, but what doesn’t?
  6. Good physique. Not too overweight, decent looking in a mirror, and getting regular exercise.
  7. Employed. Dependable salary-based pay in this economy is fantastic.
  8. Balanced work-life. Able to work hard and play hard without feeling too stressed about either.
  9. Solid network. Beyond close friends, successful acquaintenances teeter the realm of being regulars and inspire me to keep going.
  10. Being a part of NYC Scene. Everyone aims to live in/near NYC and I’m happy to work here and make the NYC Scene what it is.
  11. Youth and minimal responsibility. It’s not immaturity, but rather the knowledge of how much things change with marriage, kids, and the abyss of debt.
  12. Education/degree. Thank you, Cooper, for engraining skills and thought processes that can be used across all industries.
  13. Travel experiences. Beyond the checkbox game of countries, I love new cultures and the worldly knowledge that comes from these travels.
  14. No Food allergies. It’s so important, I want to separate it from healthy. It would really suck if I were allergic to seafood or beer or mashed potatoes. Milk is okay.
  15. Energetic. Wake up and go! Adds to productivity and outlook.
  16. Debt free. Not paying off student loans (thanks, Cooper), mortgage, or expensive insurances.
  17. Healthy Friends/Family. Some may have their own issues, but we’re all healthy and relatively happy.
  18. Direction. Knowing my strengths/weaknesses let me point myself in the right direction to where my skills can help my community most.
  19. Upbringing. I feel very lucky my parents pushed me and my brother the way they did. Not really sure what it was, but I hope to repeat the same for my child(ren).
  20. Emotions. A bit meta, but I’m happy I can feel. I’d rather go through the rollercoaster of emotions than feel nothing at all.  Maybe I watched too much Dexter.
  21. STEM. It’s more the thought process, but I’m glad everyone realizes the power of logic and practical solutions. Everything we know is built from these fundamentals.
  22. Lazy weekends/Staycations. Because sometimes you need to unwind.
  23. Table Tennis. I’m just glad this sport exists because it’s such a big part of my happiness.
  24. Coffee. I’d be energetic without it, but why?
  25. The Internet (Reddit). I am occassionally productive on this cute cat videos portal.
  26. Change. Every day is a new day and brings the will to change.
  27. Karma. Pay it forward. Thank you, strangers.
  28. Lessons Learned. Reflecting and getting smarter every day.
  29. Music. Somehow you know exactly how 15-year-old emo Clemens feels.
  30. Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays that just focuses on family, friends, and eating a lot.

~See Lemons Thankful

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[30 Day Challenges] 30 15-minute activities

seelemonsonline : November 6, 2014 9:00 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #458: You’d be surprised at how much you can do in 15 minutes. You can probably make a list…

jamaica hummingbird

Why This List?

Jason Womack suggested this in his GetMomentum module around productivity. When you break your day down to 15-minute chunks, you can manage and complete medium-sized tasks within an uninterrupted time. It also provides an easy widget-like lift and shift flexibility with these tasks if you’re on the go and your schedule changes. It’s a productivity tip and I think it’s easier to use some mini activities that could get me inspired (and also fill up my daily commute).

  1. Write in my journal “Dear Diary…” (Once a day)
  2. Watch a TED Talk and leave a thoughtful comment (Once every 2 days)
  3. Call my parents for a chat (5 times a week)
  4. Prioritize my work day tasks (Once a day)
  5. Prioritize my work week tasks (done on Sunday)
  6. Write a postcard or Thank you note (Once a week)
  7. Finish a crossword (5 times a week-ish)
  8. Jog the Brooklyn Bridge (Once a week)
  9. Wish the birthday people a happy birthday (and hopefully also catch up randomly with them) (Every day)
  10. Grab a coffee with someone new at work (Once a day)
  11. Stretch and meditate (Once or twice a day)
  12. Read up on tech news (Once or twice a day)
  13. Read a getAbstract summary and take notes for a possible blog post (once every 2 days)
  14. Sync up with gf about the upcoming week of events and tasks (every Sunday/Monday)
  15. Text 2 or 3 old friends and catch up throughout the day (once a day)
  16. Write a restaurant Yelp review (Once a week)
  17. Write a summary email to management/team setting tasks and expectations (Once every 2 weeks)
  18. Catch up on web comics xkcd, SMBC, doghouse diaries  (usually done Mon morning or Fri morning)
  19. Read a suggested story or two on Medium (it’s nice that they show the amount of time it’ll take for reading it too)  (Once a week)
  20. Catch up on financials/stocks/bitcoin/dogecoin prices and trends (Once or twice a weekday)
  21. Watch a video on youtube (e.g. movie trailer, smartereveryday, rhett&link, vsauce, freddiew, random popular/viral videos) and research topic (Once or twice at nights)
  22. Beat Johnson in a TT match (oh, snap!)
  23. Send a catch-up email to a mentor (Once a week)
  24. Start/Continue/Finish a blog post (3 times a week, but now much more)
  25. Do the dishes / tidy up (Once a day)
  26. Review my Google Keep / Notes and complete any adhoc tasks (Once a day, but each tasks lasts ~15 minutes and may complete 4 or 5 tasks)
  27. Destress/Decompress (Once a day before sleeping)
  28. Run a common errand (quick groceries downstairs, cut up boxes to recycle, take out the garbage, send laundry out, put away folded clothes, clear fridge of expired stuff, feed Henry, prep cooking, shave/groom/teeth brushing, etc)
  29. Take a power nap (Not done nearly as much as I should)
  30. Day Dream – about anything and everything (More times than I should)

~See Lemons Break it to 15

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[30 Day Challenge] 30 Things I want to do

seelemonsonline : November 5, 2014 9:24 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #457: When you want to do something, it doesn’t seem like work. In fact, there’s not enough time when you’re having fun.

one is the lonliest

Why This List?

There’s always something we want to do in the immediate and short term that leads to the obtaining of status, skills, knowledge, or material goods in the future. I want to focus this list on the actual actionable items that just take a bit of elbow grease and planning rather than the state of things that we want to be.  These are the stepping stones that make dreams come true. Just go and do it.

  1. Create a Professional Photography Portfolio
  2. Implement a game with Oculus Rift SDK
  3. Create a consistent #coffeechat at work for photography
  4. Create an “Ignite” or “Stand up for passion” monthly speak up session at work
  5. Take a professional cooking class on a different cuisine
  6. Start a yoga/stretching routine so I can palm the floor (and heal my back)
  7. Complete another 30 day healthy challenge
  8. Start a MOOC on a non-tech and non-finance related topic
  9. Organize a surprise birthday party for a friend
  10. Organize an event around releasing lanterns/kites into the sky with candles inside
  11. Write a crossword
  12. Practice reading with emphasis and voice inflections by recording a chapter reading for an audiobook
  13. Create an android app that publishes random observation/comments
  14. Extend “You’re Pretty Fucking Awesome, Keep that Shit Up” to a hashtag or formal site for NYC and beyond
  15. Train for a physical challenge
  16. Learn a new photoshop technique that can improve photo edits
  17. Take a singing lesson
  18. Complete a full module on memrise
  19. Learn how to shoot/edit video
  20. Plan a trip for my parents
  21. Clear my digital clutter (I can probably write a separate blogpost about this)
  22. Take an improv class
  23. Take more portrait photos of friends
  24. Post more on reddit – try for front page
  25. Give a speech to inspire others
  26. Make something with my hands
  27. Put together a photobook to physically print
  28. Relearn reading Chinese
  29. Refresh my life by buying new business socks, v-neck under shirts, and boxers
  30. Take a NYC food tour – best ramen spots? best burgers?

~See Lemons Do More

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[30 Day Challenge] 30 Favorite Movies

seelemonsonline : November 4, 2014 9:00 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #456: Sometimes I think I’m in a movie. Part of me wishes it’s a romantic comedy with cliche catch phrases, but the cooler part of me just wants it to become a sci fi post-apocalyptic zombie film where I’m a sniper.

old china

Why This List?

We all love getting lost in the story and growing with the characters. Good movies are like good speeches – they move us and inspire us to consider another perspective. There are good movies that have really badass special effects and no plot whatsoever, but I wanted to see the ones I remembered. I will refrain from giving personal explanations for each of these or else I’d be here forever.

  1. Forrest Gump
  2. Guardians of the Galaxy
  3. The Avengers
  4. The Terminal
  5. The Darjeeling Limited
  6. A Chinese Odyssey (Part 1 & 2)
  7. Lost in Translation
  8. The Matrix
  9. Book of Eli
  10. Leon the Professional
  11. Beauty and the Beast
  12. Ratatouille
  13. Star Wars (y’know, the good one)
  14. Wall-E
  15. A Clockwork Orange
  16. Braveheart
  17. Love Actually
  18. 3 Idiots (watched it with subtitles)
  19. Finding Nemo
  20. The Princess Bride
  21. Groundhog Day
  22. Moulin Rouge
  23. The Godfather
  24. Up
  25. Drunken Master 2
  26. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  27. Fight Club
  28. Office Space
  29. Shanghai Noon / Shanghai Knights
  30. The Dark Knight (the joker was so cool)

Looking back on this list, I think I’ve watched way too many movies in my life to only recommend 30. I think these are movies that I’ve seen more than 3 times and would certainly watch 15 more.  I’ll probably make an alternative list of 30 for honorable mentions later.

~See Lemons Love Movies

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[30 Day Challenge] 30 Places I want to visit

seelemonsonline : November 3, 2014 9:00 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #455: If we were meant to stay put, we’d have roots instead of legs.

sweet enough

Why This List?

I’ve traveled to a lot of places, but I’ve never gotten tired of exploring new cultures and seeing more breath taking things. Even if the list of 35 countries becomes 135, I think I’d still revisit each place with a new motivation and sense of bewilderment.  I’ve split this list into different types of travel: Relaxation, Adventure, Romance, and In Good Company.

To come up with this list, I took some from my archived previous lists and also just flew around on Google Earth looking for cool things.

  1. Roadtrip from East Coast to West Coast (over the course of 6 weeks or so)
  2. Thailand for beautiful beaches and adventurous wandering
  3. Australia for kangaroos and barbies
  4. New Zealand for hobbits and extreme sports
  5. Alaska to kill moose and hang out with bears on Kodiak island
  6. Japan again in good company
  7. Honduras / Roatan for scuba
  8. Belize for the jungle experience and scuba
  9. Costa Rica just because I’ve never gone and I’ve heard good things
  10. San Blas Islands, Panama from high recommendations
  11. Hungary to see some friends
  12. Greece for the coastline
  13. Portugal to hear real Portuguese
  14. Southern Spain (Seville, Grenada)
  15. Hawaii for rainbows and spam
  16. Peru Machu Pichu hike
  17. Laos to ride elephants
  18. Myanmar (Burma) because Wen said so
  19. Sweden to see attractive women (“that’s bullshit” ~gf)
  20. Finland to not understand anything they’re saying
  21. Denmark for the architecture
  22. Maldives just because it seems so badass to sail between restaurants
  23. Israel to visit some good people
  24. Jordan to ride some camels
  25. Cape Town South Africa
  26. Galapagos Island to see birds or something
  27. Poland because of three sheets
  28. Sicily for seafood
  29. Baja California seems gnarly
  30. Space. The Final Frontier.

~See Lemons Visit New Places

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[30 Day Challenge] 30 Happy Memories

seelemonsonline : November 2, 2014 8:23 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #454: The brain is a fascinating thing. We can literally create images, emotions, and transport ourselves to different states just with a thought.

to happiness

Why This List?

Happiness is that holy grail we all search for. It’s such a fleeting blip of elation that fills us with all this positive energy and positive thoughts.  When things go bad, hopefully, we’re all able to do something or remember something that makes us happy. These happy memories make us smile and warms our heart because we remember those little things.

If you’re interested in writing something like this and need inspiration, I read something on lifehacker yesterday that speaks about the emotional vocabulary.  Here, happiness is split into Joyful, Interested, Proud, Accepted, Powerful, Peaceful, Intimate, and Optimistic.

  1. Finding out I was accepted into Cooper Union while in Vermont
  2. My Dad patting my head and saying “lak jai” after graduating Cooper
  3. Not the actual first kiss, but the moments before it where I ran through multiple unrealistic scenarios in my head
  4. Burning my high school notes in a metal cabinet in the backyard
  5. Parahawking – Paragliding while feeding a hawk in Nepal
  6. Drinking my first Guinness with my Dad
  7. Taking the training wheels off my blue bike while practicing in the driveway with my brother
  8. The whole day of drinking scotch in Scotland with all the bears. I think that’s just a blur of happiness – especially hearing “But what are you doing here?”
  9. Cooking a pork tenderloin and hamburgers for my friends in Asbury Park
  10. Sharing rollerblades with my sister by only putting one on and gliding around on the deck
  11. Making my first wontons with my Mom (and her actually letting me do anything in the kitchen)
  12. Eating (what I still consider the most delicious meal I’ve ever had) a bowl of white rice, steam fish, and soy sauce given to me by my Mom after I had a terrible fever
  13. Seeing the sunrise on Mount Fuji even though I’m pretty sure I had hypothermia wearing shorts climbing that thing
  14. Going to Osaka’s Spa World and sitting under a large waterfall of hot water surrounded by naked strangers. So serene and peaceful.
  15. Seeing the quick moving shiny fish that darts around in schools while scuba diving in Grand Cayman
  16. Hanging out with the whole crew at Flying puck watching a Rangers game during a shoot out. I think the specific one I’m remembering is where Nash scored the winning point and everyone in the bar went nuts cheering in unison.
  17. Listening to Dream Theater’s The Spirit Carries On live surrounded by strangers enjoying the same moment. “After I die tomorrow, I’ll be alright because I believe that after we’re gone, the spirit carries on.”
  18. My Dad waking me and my brother up at 3AM to excitedly drive us all the way to Montauk to go fishing. I went from really sleepy to super happy instantaneously.
  19. Finishing my first challenge of the epic 30 day challenge making Thanksgiving dinner to all my friends and family
  20. Bringing champagne to all my friends in Aix
  21. Having my 21st birthday with Jake and his family in Vermont. I still remember my feet being sore from a full day of skiing and falling off mountains.
  22. Listening to hi-fi with my Dad in my favorite blue vest. I think I accidentally poked a hole in his speaker and I really never listened to music there again.
  23. Seeing my Dad fall asleep while I drive my first road trip to Pennsylvania
  24. Getting the best hug from my Mom at the airport coming back from studying in Germany
  25. Walking past a security guard at a fancy Osaka club with Chris saying we’re models and everyone in the club believing us (since we hung out with models)
  26. Finishing my first big speech to high school students and giving advice similar to what my tech teacher Tupot told me in High School. Whatever it was, it worked.
  27. The whole experience of the mind blowing Megu 17-course meal. The kobe beef sashimi changed my life as a foodie.
  28. Playing XBOX360 borderlands on dual TVs in Harlem for what I’m pretty sure was the whole day
  29. Realizing that I had just finished the last exam I will probably ever take at Cooper
  30. Realizing how much I love her and need her just as much as she needs me

~See Lemons Happiest

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[30 Day Challenge] 30 Favorite Photos of 2014

seelemonsonline : November 1, 2014 8:56 am : 30 Day challenges, list of 30

Random Observation/Comment #453: If you take a photo and don’t share it on the internet, did you really take it?

bob the vulture

Why This List?

I’m probably going to make a full photo album of my favorite 2014 photos of all time, but I’m going to choose these 30 because I will use them for the cover photos for the next 29 lists and they also represent the story of my year. To me, these photos may not be the most beautiful photos I took, but they definitely make me the most nostalgic.

  1. the haze
    World above the clouds
  2. scenes
    Dream theater rock on
  3. sunrise
    Nepal sunrise
  4. one is the lonliest
    one is the loneliest number
  5. upstate
    Photos of an old town
  6. to the hike
    Hiking adventures
  7. together
    It’s better when we’re together
  8. tt for life
    TT Spin Addicts
  9. shhhhh
  10. old china
    Old town in China
  11. that view
  12. nepal sunrise
    Breathtaking sunrise
  13. nepal kid
    Photogenic Nepalese
  14. jamaica hummingbird
    Hummingbirds in Jamaica
  15. good times with dad
    Easily happy
  16. jamaica
    Would be cooler if he were walking away from an explosion
  17. ducks diving
    Duck feeding
  18. dumps
    So many dumps
  19. istanbul
  20. bon fires
    Bon Fires in the Hamptons
  21. cuddle monster
    Henry the Cuddle Monster
  22. akshay rooftop
    My new home
  23. the first puzzle
    Puzzles Piecing us together
  24. vancouver
    Family trip to vancouver
  25. daily show
    Daily Show with Jon Stewart!
  26. sweet enough
    Honey for bears
  27. thats life
    Our travel motto
  28. brooklyn view
    Dumbo strolls
  29. yummy
    Scorpions on a stick
  30. adventures
    Let’s Get Clemens’ed

~See Lemons Love 2014

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