Greetings, Alexander Clemens Hahn

Cutest baby ever

Random Observation/Comment #265: The whole weekend was Dirac Delta, where the max state of warm fuzzy emotion was at t0 (the time of the birth), and the baseline 0 was a state of constant nervousness and worrying.  Maybe you can superposition a few other Dirac functions with max at t1 (holding the baby) or t2 (looking at those cute little baby feet), but I was mostly filled with this odd anxiety.  I’m sometimes a worrier.

There may have been more moments in the waiting room than smiling and holding this newborn, but at least it gave me time to write something to him.  Don’t worry; I’ll spare the details of his father passing out and getting admitted to the ER.

“Dear God-son,

(You probably won’t be able to read this until 5 years later, and you probably won’t understand the depth of these words until 10 years after that, but when you figure it out, send me a postcard (if they still exist).  When you’re far older inventing your own philosophies around parenthood and writing sociology books (if that’s your cup of tea), don’t hold me to these words because I’ll probably just say that I wrote this when I was young and naïve.)

It is such a beautiful thing how one person can cause so much happiness. When you realize how small we all are in this world, you’ll find that there are very few moments where you can make everyone around you beam with the same level of happiness as you have today.  Yes, there will be moments where you make your family proud; from saying your first words to winning your first trophy.  And, yes, there will be moments where you tell a funny joke at a party and everyone in the room laughs and gives you high-fives.  And, yes, there will be moments where your decision will affect more than your smaller community of family and friends. However, today is different – today, you didn’t even need to do anything.  Without even a conscious effort, you are the gift.  Remember that this will always be true. Your parents will always love you (even if it’s tough love).

As you grow up, you’ll learn that the only constant is change.  The absolutely most important thing we hope to teach you are the tools to cope with this change.  If you are a car, our job is to help you weld the foundation and build the engine before adding the wheels, chairs, doors, or paintjob.  The chassis are the morals and the engine is the thought process that will make you consider a wider view of effects before making decisions.  Everything else, we hope you’ll try out different things and see what fits your personality (please stay away from Goth).

We want you to dream, have a humble preference, and find your true passion.  It is our job to hide you from the worries of money and many cruelties of the world, but it is also our job to prepare you for a dangerous reality.  I think your father will probably rush it a little bit with building you to withstand anything, but he means well.

You have no idea how important you are.  I wrote on my facebook status today “… change the world,” but you should know that you already have.  Ashley and Bobby will embark on a journey with you from a slightly different perspective, but they’re still learning as much as you are.  They’re fallible and definitely capable of making mistakes.

I’m not going to B.S. you with some huge expectations of how you’re going to be the next CEO of a large corporation or millionaire sports star.  That would be way too much pressure anyway.  The truth is that the most fulfilled life is not one with the most money or possessions (although, they probably won’t complain as much).  It’s really about playing the smartest game with the cards you’re dealt.  It’s about seeing that there may be cards, rules, and other players, but the game doesn’t even matter.  I’m sure I could add more to this analogy, but I’ll let you figure it out.

Life is short and rather meaningless unless you genuinely put some meaning into it.  This may not be the meaning of life, but if you can do all of these things, you would have led a great life:

1) Find something you love to do and do it.

2) Find someone you love and love them with all your heart.

3) Be healthy and live long enough to live out your dreams (even if those dreams change half way through your life).

4) Be happy every step of the way.

5) Give back to this world what you’ve learned from it.

I promise that I didn’t get these from a bunch of fortune cookies.


Godfather Clemens “

~See Lemons Live on Forever

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