London – Bad Food, Worse Weather


London City AttractionsRandom Observation/Comment #137: Whenever I think of London, I think of Shanghai Knights with Owen Wilson and Jackie Chan.  I’m always afraid that I’ll meet a very good looking girl with ugly teeth there.  Do they just have bad dental plans? *shutters* Poor dental hygiene is a deal breaker.  I’ve also learned from this movie that I should never touch those red coat guards with the beavers on their head.  I hope they get to shoot something after they switch shifts – I know I would if I had to deal with those annoying tourists.  Even though I’m sympathetic for their pent up rage, I will probably take a lot of funny pictures and harass the crap out of them.

General Research:

  • Currency: GBP = approx. 1.47 USD (2/8/2009)
  • Transportation
    • London Underground/Tube
    • Bus – sure, but living in Long Island, I’ve gotten the sensation that if you take a bus, you’re automatically poor. Experience from NYC shows that the bus is for the more experienced commuters.  I rather just “subway it” or walk everywhere.
  • Main attractions
    • Free museums (suggested donations)
      • Tate Modern
      • Tate Britain
      • British Museum
      • National Gallery
      • National Portrait Gallery
    • Free/popular Parks
      • St James Park* – nice pictures posted
      • Hyde Park
    • Westminster Abbey
      • Big Ben
      • House of Parliament
    • Buckingham Palace* – make fun of guards
    • Trafalgar Square* – quick place to drop by and take a picture
    • London Eye* – observation wheel for pictures, but 15 GBP and usually requires 1-3 hour queue.  Better to buy tickets online for discount and avoid lines.  Specific times are assigned
    • Tower Bridge
    • Tower of London
    • St. Paul’s Cathedral
    • Regent’s Park* – Royal park
    • Hyde Park* – another recommended royal park
    • Piccadilly Circus* – The Times Square of London
  • Shopping areas
    • Covent Garden
    • Soho
    • Oxford Street
  • Pubs and Bars – see the bar crawl map from Frommers

Optimized Days:

  • Day 1: Westminster Landmarks
    • Take Tube to Knightsbridge station from Piccadilly line
    • Change of guards at Buckingham Palace at 11:30AM
    • St. James’ Park (head East)
    • Imperial War Museum – Cabinet War Rooms
    • Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, and “Big Ben”
    • Cross Westminster Bridge to the Waterloo station
  • Day 2: London Eye and Museums
    • Take train to Russell Square
    • British Museum
    • Walk South to National Gallery
    • Piccadilly Circus (in afternoon) to the West in Trafalgar Square
    • See Westminster Bridge at night
    • British Airways London Eye (think about reserving online)
  • Day 3
    • Tate Modern near Southwark station (walk North)
    • St Paul’s Cathedral (continue North)
    • Tower of London (walk East)
    • Tower Bridge
    • Walk West towards Tower Bridge Station
  • Day 4
    • Kensington Palace and garden from High St. Kensington stop
    • St George’s Chapel
    • Hyde Park (head East)
    • Head west to Victoria and Albert Museum
    • Royal Albert Hall
    • Walk East
    • Bulgrave Square
    • Piccadilly Circus (at night)
  • Day 5 – Window-shopping?
    • Oxford Street
    • New & Old Bond Streets
    • Burlington Arcade
  • Day 6
    • Petticoat Lane
    • Camden Market
    • Shopping on Portobello Road
    • Beauchamp Place for window-shopping


~See Lemons go to London

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