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the crew
the crew

Random Observation/Comment #108:  I used to be confused by the existence of sports and entertainment, but then I realized how much easier we follow orders when we’re preoccupied with useless statistics and adrenaline junkies.  Entertainment of any sort is vital to keep the majority of people content in a largely consumer-driven society.  The government would be happy if we did nothing but contribute to the economy and shut up when grown-ups are talking politics.  What’s a better way to keep the majority distracted by the bigger picture than to just force them into their own little interest-groups?

Each sport supports a form of nationalism for the team and it’s representing state or country.  How many New Yorkers hate Bostonians because of the Yankees/Red Sox rivalry?  How much blood will be spilt in an Ohio State-Michigan game?  How many Rangers fans want to kick the ass out of Canadians (well, maybe that’s a bad example ::shakes fist at Canadians::)?  Do the fans (or even players) know why such hatred exists?  I am brought back to our inescapable tendency towards violence and war.  Do our soldiers blindly follow orders, or are their fervor, love, and trust for the country and the leaders so undeniably/unconditionally strong that any decisions made do not require personal reason?  I’m not sure if I should envy such devotion or shake my head to naivety.

This rivalry, “school spirit”, pride, or overall masculinity of the weekend was important enough to have Professors know better than to expect any work completed by Monday.  The traditions of belligerent inebriation met all my expectations from their well-developed stories.  Teenagers jumped into freezing lakes, cracked skulls from stupid stunts, and blacked-out from alcohol poisoning.  I couldn’t believe the lack of common sense – who am I kidding, these kids make renown scientists seriously question evolution.  I was embarrassed to be remotely related to these people.  I felt like scrubbing my genes to make sure I wasn’t contaminated.  At the end of the day, my head hurt just trying to step in their shoes and reason how they came up with these genius ideas.  Apparently alcohol gives people superhero powers including, but not limited to, flight, invulnerability, invisibility, force push, telepathy, Jedi persuasion techniques, regeneration, teleportation, inhuman strength, and time travel.  Needless to say, it was quite an entertaining documentary of the Darwin Awards.

I didn’t pay $200 to see the game – I was happy being warm, lying down, and under blankets rather than freezing with those thousands of fans.  I didn’t really understand that overall rush that my brother and many other claim.  I’m sure if I was in some way contributing the deafening cheers and helped dot that “i”, I would get that sense of community, but in the beginning, I refused such embarrassing behavior.

All I could judge was what I saw and heard from this sea of red and white.  Their chants were addicting, and as more time passed (and I started drinking at noon to meet the occasion of the game) my involvement was fickle.  I wanted to be a part of the atmosphere, and surely, I started the expected football etiquette.  The cheers of victory, grunts of distaste, and angry screams of frustration seemed to follow naturally.  I started the game lying down and half asleep, but by the third quarter I was at the edge of my seat and chest bumping with the crazies around me.  I must admit, it was a little satisfying.  My character was very dynamic in this story – wordlife.


~See Lemons Miss Ohio


look at those low gas prices! - PA
look at those low gas prices! - PA


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