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siikkk robotic arm

Random Observation/Comment #9: I can’t see my hair in the bathroom mirror when I stand straight.

The first thing the professor asked me is “What do you want to do?”The only response I could think of was “everything and anything.”I’m not sure if he took this as indecisiveness or flexibility, but I intended it to be 100% pure, unfiltered, unabridged passion with no added artificial preservatives.This excitement was withheld as I sat at the edge of my seat waiting for the choice of assignments.Instead of showing me a set of cards and having me pick randomly, he gave me a chance to speak with my fellow researchers and other professors at different research facilities strewn across campus.This gave me the opportunity to explore my own interests and meet peers with similar excitement towards the subject.Frankly, it was an excellent management decision.

The first day was very concise in introductions, but throughout the week, it felt like a series of blind dates.They were setting me up with different types of attractive projects, which all gave me an erection.My only method of determining which project was better, was to time how long it took for me to peak – and oh yes, each eventually led me to ecstasy.I use this symbolism for a select group of my friends/readers :D.

For example, the female android at the center of most media took about 10 seconds after it was turned on.She followed my movement, spoke to me, smiled when I smiled, and had sensors which made her flinch in the cutest way (splurge).If you were as enthusiastic as me about this dream come true, you would probably react the same way (or at least exaggerate the reactions in a similar fashion).Unfortunately, she did not need any more assistance in algorithm improvements or functionality, so we parted with only memories of our brief but meaningful time together.

All of the project overviews and goals that I will mention have been thought of by most researchers in this field, but the unique solutions to these problems will not be divulged in any of my segments.Basically, tapu sikureto details :P.

CB2 (Child-robot with a biometric body), also known to me as the ugly big gray baby, was another random date.It’s a combination of a lot of existing ideas into creating a child developing robot.It packs close to 200 sensors and 50 actuators, allowing it to run on hydraulics instead of external motors.The baby follows two-person conversations, makes baby noises when you pat its head, and has an incorporated amount of baby fidgeting.The baby can roll around, stand up with the correct amount of assistance, and use optical color detection to follow people.If the thing wasn’t so ugly, it might actually pass for an oversized child.There is much room for improvement, but the base product is fully constructed.

Another notable cool project is the artificial voicebox.It mimics the human throat by making vowel sounds with different deformations of the air column at different segments.It said the vowels perfectly with the same constant air source.I do like the idea of working on a robot with a throat… (that was for James who wanted me to make a sex robot).

Every researcher in each lab is doing something unique to contribute to one of the projects, so there are about 50 different types of algorithms utilizing all corners in the vast topics of AI, stochastic robotics, and signal manipulation.Honestly, the amazement factor covers too large of a range of emotions to describe.Just when I thought one thing was the coolest thing ever, another project or algorithm comes along to sweep me off my feet – giving me a pleasure that made me forget about the other projects.Each of them has a place in my heart.They made me feel as if they were the first to take my virginity. Lol.

~See Lemons Build Robots

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