How to be a Good Meshian

Random Observation/Comment #623: Do no harm. Do good. Be good. Seek excellence. I’m coming up on my one year anniversary at ConsenSys and I’ve certainly learned, changed, and grown quite a bit. Not only have I embraced the remote first lifestyle, but I’ve also become an advocate for self-organizing habitats driven more »

30 Dad Jokes

Random Observation/Comment #621: When is an obvious joke a dad joke? When it becomes apparent… Why this List? When I watched Magic more »

30 Favorite Toddler Meals

Random Observation/Comment #620: I can’t find a purer way to show my love than through cooking and sharing food. Why this List? more »

30 Smart Cities Buzzwords

Random Observation/Comment #619: Every industry has its business buzzwords. Speak the language of your peers. Why this list? The past 3 days, more »

30 Things I Suck At

Random Observation/Comment #618: You can’t be good at everything. Why this list? Own up to what you suck at and be your more »

[Travel Advice] Sonoma

Random Observation/Comment #616: Don’t forget to schedule date nights. Don’t forget to schedule travel without the baby. It wasn’t a lot of more »

30 Remote Working Tips

Random Observation/Comment #615: If you want productive remote workers, you’re going to want to hire people with discipline and entrepreneurial initiative/drive. Why more »

30 Days of Drawing Evie

Random Observation/Comment #613: Take advantage of your technology as a tool instead of being a tool to your technology. (Seems like a more »

30 Signs of a Toddler

Random Observation/Comment #611: When did my cute baby become a mad (but still cute) toddler? Why This List? It happens slowly with more »

Reflecting on 2018

Random Observation/Comment #610: There’s always more things to do. In 2018, I embraced fatherhood: Traveled to: Boston, Toronto, Dallas, Baltimore, New Jersey more »

Goodbye, my friend

Random Observation/Comment #609: I guess we’re no longer cat owners. It’s all rain clouds. I’ve never really had a cat or dog more »

30 New Little Things

Random Observation/Comment #607: She’s the missing TARDIS to my Doctor Who. Why this list? I lived for a lot of little things more »

30 Signs of Self Organizing Culture

Random Observation/Comment #605: A lot of unlearning from the “traditional” hierarchy culture is necessary to fully grasp the self-organizing/decentralized company operational efficiency. more »

30 Signs of Parenting Addiction

Random Observation/Comment #603: Conversations between parents are like therapy sessions. Conversations with a new parent and expecting parent are like coaching pep more »

Baby Gadgets

Random Observation/Comment #601: Yes, we’ll probably buy that thing we’ll only use for 3 months. It’s very easy to spend money on more »

Leaving a Legacy

Random Observation/Comment #600: Daddy-daughter songs are sometimes creepy, but I totally get it. Being a parent really changes everything. My daily routine more »